Barbecue recommendations:

  • Use cooking oil to ignite the coal grill. Use household paper on ignite the cooking oil.
    Make it a tiny piece of paper and place it in the middle of the coal.
    Pour a little piece of oil (with a tablespoon or a few) and light the paper.
  • Put wood on the gas tank. It gives a smoke makeup and reduces propane flavour. If the Eden ignites, erase it with water and when it chars, replace it.
  • Always clean the grill when it’s hot. The heat burns the previous residue from the grate, and the grill can be quickly cleansed by pushing the steel crest.
  • A grill temperature can also be assessed by hand: if approximately 10 cm of the throat can be held for only 3-4 seconds, the temperature is suitable for barbecue.
    The error that is being done when you start the barbecue is placing the meat in an excessively gold grill.
    On the charcoal grill, the charcoal must be on top of the whitish ash layer.
  • Overfat or oil-based marinade that will drip out on the grill and may cause flame.
    In the case of flame, the meat should be lifted, but when using the gasgrill, the gas will be shut off immediately. When the heat gets too high and the fat that is thrown in the charcoal is lit, the flame must be mused with water.
    The flame can also be muting on the grill by putting it on the lid or by the wet lepacy sawdust, which is causing additional smoke.
  • Use nippers to turn the meat. If a fork is used to turn the meat, the required juices can drip out of the muscle after this prick and so the meat can become too dry.

Successful barbeque!