Kikas OÜ was founded in 1996. We are a developing supplier on the Estonian and Baltic markets of cooking and processed meat and culinary products.
Our products are varied, from minced meat and chicken breast meat products like Chicken Kiev to cutlets, hamburgers, meat balls, meat snacks, meatloaf, cheese pockets, pizza toppings and a variety of fast food products. Innovative comprehensive solutions are also available for the specific needs of producers of pizzas, fast food, bakery products and catering and grocery items.
We also make a variety of stuffings. This broad range of services enables Kikas OÜ to develop tailor-made solutions for companies throughout the Skandinavia and Baltic food industry. We help our customers to respond rapidly to changing consumer needs and always deliver perfect, fresh products, safe, climate-neutral food.


Rein Hünerson
+372 502 7416

Niidu tee 4 Loo, Harjumaa 74201, Estonia