Why is flag characters important?

Consumers expect accurate information about the country of origin of the food that is available in the food store, so it has been recognised by poth trade and the food producer a long time. This year, knowledge was reaffirmed when the results of a consumer survey conducted by the Estonian Institute of Economic Reasearch in the beginning of the year were published: domestic food prefers 70% of respondents, product information is not sufficient fo different reasons to understand the country of origin of the product and of raw materials, and the distinctability of domestic and important goods is not easy (83% of respondents) or complex (9% of respondents), the country of origin should be more clearly labelled (41% of respondents).


Which products have the right to bear the flag?

Products bearing the flag in stores are produced in the Estoinian food industry companies. In foodstuffs produced in Estonia, both domestic and imported raw materials are used, but the largest addition to the products are given in Estonia, these are the products crated by Estonian employees with taste preferences and traditions on Estonia.